Friday, October 11, 2013

Kambrya College students caught up in IT corruption scare

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About a dozen high-school students received a frightening lesson this week in the value of "saving early and saving often", when they were told that a technical glitch at Kambrya College had corrupted some of their VCE and VCAL course work.

The Berwick secondary school's acting principal, Keith Perry, confirmed on Friday that the problem arose during school holidays, but that teachers were managing the situation and supporting students whose work has been affected.

"Students know they are required to keep back-up copies of their work – it's in their IT acceptable use agreement and we made that clear at the start of the year," Mr Perry said in a statement. "This requirement for students to back up their work is also in the VCAA handbook."

Despite the scare, the school is confident that no students will be disadvantaged by the error. The affected works were not scored assessment tasks, and no students' VCE scores will be affected by the mistake.


"They are required to submit all coursework tasks in order to demonstrate that they have met the outcomes, and thus pass the unit," Mr Perry said. "Provided they have been submitting their work progressively then a student should have minimal, if any, work that is not yet submitted."

The school is already helping some students to recover their materials, and has extended Friday's deadline for handing in remaining course work until the close of business on Tuesday.

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