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Canon EOS 70D camera review

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Canon EOS 70D.

Price: $1765 with 18-135mm lens

The low-down

This 20-megapixel camera uses dual-pixel technology, designed to improve auto-focus performance in live-view mode. The idea is to incorporate phase detection - the focus method used by DSLRs - and contrast detection - the method in compact cameras - into the one camera. Autofocus in video mode should be faster as a result. The touch-sensitive, high-resolution 75mm LCD swivels and gives an accurate review of the captured image. Wi-Fi is built in and the camera can communicate with a smartphone using the EOS Remote app for Android or iPhone.



Image quality is excellent, with brilliant resolution, colour and dynamic range. The image-stabilised lens, although made down to a price, performs well mechanically and optically.


The kit lens, as good as it is, does display marked distortion at both the wide and telephoto extremes.


The development of the APS sensor digital single-lens reflex has reached the point where further improvement comes in small steps. In the 70D it is the arrangement of the light receptors on the sensor that is different, the benefits of which might not be immediately apparent to users. In this market segment there are no bad cameras. Nikon, Pentax and Sony all have excellent cameras and choice may come down to what lenses are already in the camera bag. Anyone with Canon lenses, including legacy glass from a 35mm camera, should look first at the 70D. It is a delight to use.
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